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Terrific Tuesday


Hello Huskies,

It’s that time of year again where you bring out the oven mitts and aprons. It’s the time to cook the turkey and bake the pumpkin pies. More importantly, it’s about being with your family to celebrate the first Thanksgiving among Native Americans and Pilgrims. We should all be thankful for everything we have and remember not to take things for granted. Now heres what you need to work on before the holiday break is here.thanksgiving

Daily Agenda:

  • No DLR!
  • Free Reading Exit Ticket-Due Wednesday to check (8.RL.1)
  • Kidblog; choose one of the prompts or quotes from chapter 1&2 (8.w.1)
  • Study Guide-THEME, 2nd example (8.RL.2.2)
  • Introduce Plot Diagram-The Outsiders-Study Guide; Fill out EXPOSITION and INCITING INCIDENT  (8.RL.2.1)
  • Continue Reading The Outsiders (8.RL.1)

Reminders: PLEASE BRING IN TISSUES!!!! It is starting to be flu season, and if you have a runny nose, you will want tissues. Also, there is a girl’s home basketball game tonight at 5:00. Be there to support your fellow huskies!


Keep up the great work huskies and  we hope you all have a safe and happy holiday.

Go Huskies!!!Evansville_North_High_School

Elizabeth Smith and Grace Rainey


Moody Monday


Good morning Huskies!

Today’s Agenda:

  • No DLR
  • Free Read (8.RL.1) – Exit Ticket Due WEDNESDAY
  • Summative Unit 3 Retest #1
  • Review formative Unit 4 – maybe, if time permits
  • S.E. Hinton Video
  • Study Guide – Theme – first example (8.RL.2.2)
  • Continue The Outsiders



  • All eighth graders remember to get an appointment with Mrs.Schriber.
  • We need tissues!!!
  • This week is only a three day week due to Thanksgiving.

Check the Kid Blog list to see if you have all the blogs done. The lists are in the front and back of Mrs. Kassenbrock’s room.

images (1)

Riddle of the day:

Q: What is the center of gravity?

A: V

Theme Practice:


As you all know Thanksgiving is on Thursday of this week! Thanksgiving is a special time of the year where we can be thankful for the yummy food we have, our warm houses, and most importantly our families. Getting together and spending time with family is one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving. Sure the home cooked meals are good, but there is nothing better than sharing it with your family. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone has a wonderful break.

31 days until Christmas!

Go Huskies!!!

Blog by Chloe Cooper, Ashley Cook, Lydia Allen

Freezing Friday


Hey Huskies!  Welcome to jean and hoodie day on this Freezing Friday!  Brrrrrr…  Let’s see what’s in store for today.


  • FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT Unit 4 (8.RL.2.2; 8.RL.2.3; 8.RL.3.1; 8.RV.3.3)
  • Finish anything not completed this week

Today is the day that our Thanksgiving baskets were finished!  Everybody did an amazing job bring in the items and decorating our baskets!  You just helped many family, some including students from our very school, have a very good and nice Thanksgiving dinner.


  • We can always use more tissues!


Practice your work!  Here are some websites with worksheets and instructions to help you.



If you are having trouble trying to figure out a pathway to take and what to be when you get older, I highly recommend using and .  This can help you figure out your carrier.


Quote of the Day~”The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”~Walter Bagehot

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Fun Facts:

  • Winter lasts for 21 years on Uranus
  • Only male turkeys gobble, female turkeys click.
  • Cats can’t taste sweets.
  • Lions spend around 20 hours a day resting.
  • Young giraffes sometimes moo.



Have a good day and don’t forget to be musical.  ♪♫

This is Madyson Lowe and Grace Johns signing off.

Go Huskies!

Terribly Cold Thursday


Good Morning Huskies, I sure hope all you guys are staying warm in these freezing temperatures.


  • DLR Week #15 Compare and Contrast Questions – Darry (8.RL.3.1)
  • Work on Paired Passage and Writing Assignment (8.RN.2.3; 8.RN.3.2; 8.W.1)
  • Snow Days” Persuasive Writing DUE TODAY (8.W.1)
  • The Outsiders – Character Chart (8.RL.2.1); Chapter 1 Questions (8.W.1)

Skills/Standards Learned: We are continuing to learn about dashes (-) for this week.


  • If you haven’t turned in your food for the baskets, please do so ASAP.
  • Mrs. Kassenbroc said that she is very happy with our behavior when Mr. Huff was in the room GREAT JOB!

Help: Here are some websites that could help you with persuasive and argument writing.

Favorite Book:

          The book that I’m reading right now is called Insurgent, it is the second book in the Divergent seriesI love the whole Divergent series. In this book the Erudite, led by Eric, have invaded Candor headquarters, which is where the Dauntless have been staying, and they have shot everyone, including Tris, with a serum and gassed them to make them fall unconscious. Next, they started to take the Divergent people hostage, they know this because the divergent are immune to the serum and the gas so they are awake. Tris is surprised to discover that some of her own best friends are divergent too. Just like how her mom and dad used to be. Then, they kill some of the ones that are useless to them, But Tobias, Tris’s boyfriend, saves the day by shooting Eric in the foot and most of the divergent escape. But, later in that week the Erudite have started using the serum that are in the Dauntless to control them, and making them jump off the roof of the building by threes every two days until one of the divergent sacrifices themselves to Erudite headquarters. Who will sacrifice themselves to save the lives of hundreds of people? It all rests on a single person. Will anyone do it? I guess that you’re going to have to find that out for me.  

Holidays: Thanksgiving is our next big holiday, and it’s only ONE WEEK AWAY!! It’s also great because we will only have three days of school next week, which means a FOUR DAY WEEKEND!!YES!!!

Interesting Facts:

  • A giraffe can clean its ear with its 26 inch long tongue!
  • Malusdomesticaphobia is the fear of apples!
  • Chromophobia is the fear of colors!

That’s all the announcements for today folks, let’s have a great day GO HUSKIES!!!

Winter Wednesday


Hello Huskies,

Q: Guess what day it is ?  A: Huummmppp Daayyyy!camel


Daily Agenda for Wednesday:

*DLR Compare/Contrast The Outsides Darry NHS play and the novel  (8.RL.3.1)

*Free Reading Exit Ticket-due Friday to check (8.RL.1)

*Close Reading “Europe’s Warm Weather” Practice (8.RN.2.3;8.RN.3.2)

*Partner Practice-Close Reading and Notification Article -”Is This the Only Earth” (8.RN.2.3;8.RN.3.2)

*Writing Assignment-Compare and Contrast – (8.W.1)

Reminders/Announcements: PLEASE  BRING IN KLEENEX! Our class is completely out of tissues.kleenex

Don’t forget to bring in the items for our Helping Hands Thanksgiving baskets! Also we need money to buy the turkey/ham! The last available day to bring items in will be November 21, THIS FRIDAY! Also basketball season has started up, so be checking the calendar for home games. You must go home and then come back for the game at 5;30, and you must have citizenship.

Skills/Standards- This week we are working on dashes(-) for DMR.

Here are some practice websites for dashes: 1.


We have also been working on persuasive and argumentative writings. Don’t forget that the persuasive writing for e-days due date is tomorrow. The requirements are on google classroom if you need to know what to do. Some of our work has been posted on google classroom incase you need to get caught up. Also be checking google classroom EVERYDAY.

Personal interest story: I would just like to give a quick shout out to all the cast and crew of the musical. I’m so sad it has come to an end, yet I know we are all happy to go home before 8:00 now. We grew close and you could say we are a family. Thank you everyone who put all their time and effort into the show. Also thanks to all those you came out to support the musical. I’m so happy I got to make so many new friends and learn the ends and outs to a real show. Thank you for all the memories, we’re all in this together. -Grace Rainey

Ok huskies, that’s a wrap and remember to be on you absolute best behavior because we have a special guest coming to visit us today and thank you Mrs.Kassenbrock for letting your first block take over the blog, you rock. Go Huskies!!!

Elizabeth Smith and Grace Rainey

Snowy Tuesday


Hey Huskies, this is Claire Gardner here with your agenda for the day. If you missed school today, here is what you missed:

  • DLR- Week 15-Ellipsis & Dash
  • Summative- Unit 4
  • Persuasive Writing- rough draft (on own paper)- edit/revise- type your final copy into Google Classroomimages
  • The Outsiders


  • DLR-8.W.6.1.B
  • Snow Day Essay- 8.W.3.1.A.E
  • The Outsiders- 8.RL.1

Yesterday North and other schools in the area didn’t have school due to the snow and bad weather. Our Snow Day Essay’s due date has been moved to Thursday, so make sure you get it done on time!

In other news,this past weekend our classmates performed the musical they have been working on, High School Musical, with Michaiah Galvin as Troy and Gracie Schmidt as Gabriella. They performed this past Friday and Saturday, and let me tell you they were amazing! Everyone who was in it did great! We were able to watch a small part of it at school Friday, and then I saw several of my other classmates watch the full thing that evening.

high school musical

Huskies, we are getting really low on tissues in our classroom. Please bring some boxes in to donate.tissues

Thanksgiving is fast approaching everyone. We all know what comes with Thanksgiving: good food and Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving people line up at all the major stores to be first to get to the things they want that are on sale. Black Friday is a day of epic sales for everyone that mostly occur from midnight to the early morning. Also, family comes with Thanksgiving. Relatives travel long distances to celebrate and be thankful together for everything they have. It is a time of love, gratefulness, and celebration for what we have in life.We also have a lot of good food from turkey, yams, and sweet potatoes to pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and stuffing.


Tonight is freshman orientation for those moving into high school next year. It starts at 6:00 at the Junior High PAC (Performing Arts Center). Upcoming freshman learn about the different opportunities for us and the classes that are valuable to our learning at the high school. We learn which classes are suggested and which are preferred for you to take. If you are going to be a freshman next year, come and listen to the information provided about your year coming up.

Quotes of the Day:

“There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning, and yearning.” ~Christopher Morley

“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.” ~Bernard Meltzer

If you want to practice with dashes, then here are some links to sites with notes and practice questions:

That’s all for today guys! Remember your Husky P.R.I.D.E!! GO HUSKIES!!!


Fun Friday!



  • DLR Week #14 – Conventions (8.W.6.2.B)
  • Free Reading – EXIT TICKET DUE for this week on Friday(8.RL.1)
  • Writing – PERSUASION/ARGUMENT – Final paper (8.W.3.1.A-E0)
  • HUSKIES: Behind the Books – research (8.W.5); persuasive paragraph (8.W.3.3.A-E); letter (8.W.1)


-Musical Night:High School Musical. In the P.A.C. (Performing Arts Center) at 7:00 P.M. Friday and Saturday.

-We need tissues in the class.

1st Period classes at North Junior High School are doing a project called Helping Hands. Each class is preparing baskets that will have all the basic food items you see on the table on Thanksgiving. When the baskets are finished we will be giving them to the less fortunate families at North Junior High to have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Interesting Facts!

-Winter lasts 21 years on Uranus.

-Lions spend about 20 hours a day resting.

-An Anaconda can go months between meals.

Also remember, this blog is know ran by Mrs. Kasenbrock’s 1st and 2nd Period Honors Class.


Blog by: Macy Street and Olivia Brawdy